Get Free shiny pokemon on Pokemmo(with proof)



Step 1 : Click get it now

Step 2 : Complete a offer(ANTI-SPAM)

Step 3 : The download will start if you complete step 2.


Free pokemmo hacks

How to get a Free shiny !


  • THE POKEMON GENERATOR (u can click here or above!)

We’ll catch a shiny magikarp cuz he is one of my favorites.
it’s very easy…
U’ll need the pokemon generator u can get it above or u can click here.
Once downloaded We can start setting up our generator!

Setting Up First

you’ll have to look for.
Is this box.
This is the main thing and this we need to get the magikarp.
free pokemon hacks
After this you’ll have to put exactly what i did in those fields.
EXACTLY LIKE I DID this will make sure the next encounter anywhere.
Will be a shiny magikarp or well any shiny pokemon.

free pokemmo hacks
Like this i took lvl 6 so it was easier to catch & i could learn every move.
And it’s still capable of evolving.
I’ve caught mine in safari zone.

free pokemmo hacks
Like this and you’ll be able to catch magikarp.
You can get any shiny you want doing it exactly like this.
It’s easy and noob-friendly.
You won’t find another tool like this free pokemmo hacks (free pokemon generator).


Don’t brag too much stay low key so people won’t suspect you.
You don’t want to be suspicious this can lead to ban.
Our program is FUD(fully undetectable) So by using it you won’t get ban.
Don’t ruin economy you can sell shinies but don’t overdo it.
Ruining the economy is also ruining your gameplay.
Have fun and if you have sugestions for a new tutorial / tool leave them in the comments below.

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